diceman asked: ☆ ★ ♔ ♥

♔ Top five favourite bands (I’m including solo artists, as well) right now are Fleet Foxes, Death Cab For Cutie, Joanna Newsom, Neutral Milk Hotel and Regina Spektor.

♥ Yes.

☆ I do have tattoos. I’ve got two at the moment; one on my left shoulder and the other on my right hip.

★ I want so many more tattoos. I’m just going to list out all of the ones I want:

  • I want to cover up/continue the one on my shoulder. Right now, it’s a rose with some music notes. I got it when I was sixteen and it’s the dumbest looking thing. I want to cover the music notes and continue the roses all the way to my left collar bone.
  • I may then form this tattoo into a half sleeve of sorts.
  • I want a giant squid or an octopus on my thigh.
  • I want the words “Only skin” on the back of my knee. (These are Joanna Newsom lyrics.)
  • I want more Joanna lyrics above my left breast; “My heart is a furnace, full of love that’s just and earnest.”
  • I want the words “Don’t dream it. Be it.” somewhere on my body (from Rocky Horror).
  • I want, and am very soon getting, a fox and bird that will cover both of my wrists.
  • I want a dory on the side of one of my feet.